A Guide to Getting Started at The Mortal Instruments Roleplaying Wiki
Welcome to The Mortal Instruments Roleplaying Wiki! Being new here and all, it is sure that you have a lot of questions in mind, and there is a clear possibility that your questions will be answered one by one as you read this guide carefully. Yet if this doesn't, do not hesitate to contact one of the administration team in order for them to help you around here.  Behold below the guide that provides you information on the important sections and processes of this roleplaying wiki - that includes the process of joining, getting you character created, role playing and participating in this wiki. 
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Don't have an account yet? To join the wiki, you will certainly need a wikia account. How to have one? Just go to the top right of the page, on My Account, then click Register. Fill out the form presented to you. On choosing your username, please keep in mind that it doesn't have to be your real name, nor does it need any of your personal information. Try to come up with something interesting, or let's say, cool, like some name you would use in a different service, such as you e-mail, for example. Once you are registered, move on to the next step. Note: ALWAYS remember your username and your password to prevent further problems in your account and your wiki activities.

Although there might be "anons", or anonymous people who don't have an account yet their edits are kept in track by their IP addresses, joining this wiki requires you to have your own account. In this way, it'll be easier to keep track of all your edits and characters.

Like a lot of sites and organizations, surely this wiki has rules and regulations to maintain the orderliness of this roleplaying site. Not all the rules here are the same with writing sites, informative sites, or any other sites that do have policies. It is for the best that you keep in your interest to read the rules and regulations implemented in the wiki. A list can be found in the wiki. It is, of course, not expected of you to immediately remember everything it says, but we at least hope that you will observe caution and think before you act. Common sense will help you remember the policies well.

Of course, we are not so merciless. We have a warning system, in case users break the rules. You will be first given a verbal warning before handing out an official warning. Don't freak out or panic if ever you receive one. We all learn from our mistakes, right? And we all make mistakes. You may have a rocky start, but sooner than you would expect, you might just be one of the wiki's most responsible and helpful active user.

Next step is having your own character! (Of course characters are needed. It is the life of roleplay!) The Creation system in this wiki is the process in which your character is thoroughly scrutinized and approved for creation. All characters have gone through and should go through this process in order to maintain the fairness and uniformity across the wiki. In this way, abilities and powers are uniform, characters and weapons aren't overpowered (shortcut is OP), story lines are fair and realistic even in the fictional world the wiki is in, and there won't be any crossovers or whatsoever with the characters (e.g., one character is a Shadowhunter who has stated in his history that he was a child of Zeus).

Sure enough, most of the users in here are familiar with Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles, from the Infernal Devices to the Dark Artifices. Yet there are a few basic points to remember when creating your character:
  • Species
    1. We have five kinds of character that you can create here: the Nephilim, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and faeries. Some may ask, "Are we allowed to create demons?" Well, the answer is NO. Demons are not part of the world of created characters here. They are only used as add-ons in background histories or enemies in fight roleplays.
    2. Hybrid characters are not allowed. Putting up something like a character whose origin is similar to that of Tessa Gray's (half-warlock and half-unMarked Nephilim) is absolutely not allowed. A werewolf who is a Shadowhunter is also not allowed. Ascendants are allowed.
    3. In regards to faerie characters, only half-faeries are allowed in here.
  • Age of character
    1. Youngest possible age that is applied in all the species is fifteen. For Shadowhunters, fifteen can already go to small missions. For werewolves, it is just the same as normal human, except for the fact that they are half wolves. For vampires, fifteen is an age where blood tastes good enough for vampires, and for faeries, fifteen is just enough, considering their different time movement in their own world.
    2. If you are creating a warlock, the maximum age is eight hundred years old. Vampires should have been turned into one not before 10 years ago. Faeries live in a world with its time flow is different from ours, so they seem to live longer than humans. If talking about human years, oldest should only be a hundred years old. Nephilim and werewolves are the same with normal humans.
  • Weapons
    1. As thoroughly displayed in the books, especially with the Shadowhunters, firearms are NOT allowed. Even though the wiki is set in the future, forbidding firearms is to ensure the powers remain fair and even.
    2. For a certain species, there are metals that are lethal to them. For example, having a werewolf use a silver dagger as a weapon is totally preposterous. In the Creation page, the instructions in creating a character states the metals not allowed for them.
  • Settings
    1. Whatever's happening in this wiki is set 50 years since the Dark War (or from the final happenings in the Mortal Isntruments series). Canon characters or creating a character that is descended from a book character is NOT allowed.
    2. The wiki follows the lifestyle of the different species in the books. The books had presented the setting as the present and ordinary day, so for everyone involved here, we imagine that everything in life is true as it is, save for the existence of scary demons, angel-descendant demon-slayers and a whole organization of Downworlders. Everything happens as it is in the real and normal world. So having a three-year-old Shadowhunter living in the streets fight a huge, lesser demon is totally absurd. Darth Vader and his Death Star or Harry Potter and his school or the Greek gods DO NOT exist here. This should be, of course, obvious to you guys.

What a Creation claim should contain
  1. Name: Names must be reasonable and not something off from someone famous or absurd combinations of letters and words (ex., Barack Obama, Selena Gomez, Bloodthroat Bullkiller, Aawjrhf Takhwrkagsejw)
  2. Species: Nephilim, Werewolf, Vampire, Warlock, Faerie
  3. Current age: The age they are right now
  4. Appearance: What your character looks like or an image of what they look like
  5. City he/she is currently residing in: New York or London
  6. Personality: A sentence or two is fine, as long as this contains enough that describes your character
  7. History: There are similar and different requirements here for each species. The Creation page states all of them.
  8. Possessions/Weapons: This really isn't needed, but this it to make sure that there are no OP weapons.
  9. Signature: Your signature (4 ~) or your own custom sig. That way, we can identify you more clearly.

After submitting your character application, please keep an eye on it, for checkers (or the members of the administration team) will check it periodically throughout the day and leave notes or questions if something in your claim is unclear, or rules are broken or something needs change. Please, please, please. Please be patient while waiting for your character to be approved for creation. Checkers are also busy in their everyday lives, so they won't always check on the applications as much as they want to. It may take a few hours to days, yet again, please be patient and considerate.

The Creation forum can be found here, just click this link.

After having your character approved, the next step is to create their own profile page. Just type the name of your approved character in the box below and click Create A New Character. If ever you have accidentally spelled the name of your character, don't worry. The page can be renamed. Also, keep in mind that you don't need to put up fancy coding and the like for your character page. It's actually better to just copy and paste whatever's in your character application on the new page for you to start off and explore the wiki and the world of html.

For fancy coding stuff and word bubbles, keep on reading.

Word Bubbles, Character Pages, Fancy Coding, Oh My

Creating a word bubble or a fancy character page isn't all that hard. We promise. As of now, we have 2 working character pages, and 1 working word bubble, all of which can be used to match your character.

The first character template is the simplest to use and you can find it here. If you need any help with it, please feel free to contact the one you made it.

The second character template is a bit more complicated and is recommended for users who are more intune and familiar with coding and using wiki templates. That character page template can be found here. Again, please feel free to contact the one you made it if you have questions.

We have one working word bubble here on Mortal Instruments Role Play Wiki. What is a word bubble? A word bubble gives quick information on your character when you role play. On a forum, a word bubble will only be used once, and again, it's to quickly give basic information on your character. In comments it is used all the time.

Madison Ravenstorm

Madison Ravenstorm Nephilim
-Head of the London Institute

 Natalia {{{2}}}


This is an example of a word bubble.

After your character is accepted, and you have created a character page, your next step is to create a word bubble. To create the template, simply type Template:(insert the name of the template here). If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone on the Administration Team or anyone who has been here a while and is willing to help you.

In searching the Internet for appropriate models for your newly made character, there are some points you should remember. Make sure that you get a model that isn't a popular or well-known figure, and that no other users are using the same image/model as yours. But don't worry if you get mistaken in choosing a model - it isn't something you can get banned for. Only unless if you are stubborn and rude in changing that image. Also make sure that you name your images simply and can be easily remembered. Before uploading it, check if it's format is a .jpg/.jpeg, a .png, or a .gif. The on the top right of the page, in the Add Content button/Contribute, choose the down arrow and click Add a Photo. Then choose your recently saved image for uploading. Just be sure to remember your image's names for adding it in your character's page or word bubble.

If you want to make sure about the image/s you're going to use, do check theses pages:

  • Our Policies, under Images heading.
  • Models (where the currently used models are listed and a program to help you find your perfect model)

Now this is where you will be using your character. Most roleplays here take place in a character's page, such as yours, in the Comments section. Others can take place in our forums which can be found here. Once you have your page on the go, users will post their characters' word bubble in order to welcome you and your character and start roleplays. If you would like to reply, just click Reply below their comment, type in your char's reply by the word bubble you just made, post it, and just repeat the process until you have created your story line and your characters got to know each other well. Characters' pages aren't the only ones used for roleplay. There are locations created in the wiki for the certain purpose of roleplay, roleplay forums and the like, and they work in a similar fashion. Remember that the Admin team is here to help you out. If you want to go socialize with other users, you can enter chat (which is on the right side of the page). Now, have fun roleplaying!

Some Important Rules:

  1. Roleplay Policies (under Roleplay heading)

Other Pages to Start a Roleplay:

  1. Roleplay Forum
  2. On the Navigation bar, hover above Locations, and there are pages there in which you can start a roleplay.

Chat is a place for users to communicate out of character, including updates about everyday events, who posted on roleplays, interests, life, and the like. Chat is for the members of the wiki or users responsibly working towards becoming a member of the wiki. Remember, we have low tolerance for trolls and bullies on chat.

These are some things to REMEMBER while on chat:

  1. Please keep yourself from giving your personal information to other users, as the wiki cares about your own protection.
  2. Chat is not for bullying or intimidating others. If you don't like someone, or you don't agree with them, chat is not a place for expressing those feelings. If you don't have anything good to say, it's better not to say anything at all.
  3. Do not yell in chat. For example, TYPING WORDS IN ALL CAPS THAT OBVIOUSLY SHOWS YOU ARE MAD AND YELLING is not allowed. Bursts of happiness or excitement can be overlooked, but too much will result to you getting a warning.
  4. Absolutely no spamming. (Y'know, repeating words over and over again or typing gibberish stuff on chat)
  5. If you repeatedly enter chat without any hint of progress in joining the wiki, showing that you're just there to goof off and chill, you will receive a chat ban and won't be allowed in chat until you show proof that you will be joining the wiki, that is, submitting a character application for approval. The chat is only for members of the wiki and users that are genuine to join the community.

NOTE: Chat box is always on the right side of each page. Just click Join Chat (or Start a Chat).

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If you feel that the guide hasn't answered all your questions and you still need help, please do not hesitate to ask any of the administration team or any user of the wiki who knows their way around here. In behalf of the wiki, I do hope you enjoy your stay here and help the wiki progress further!

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