Skylar Emry

That little Faerie

What's the point of growing up if you can't be a little childish sometimes?
General Information
  • Born ~ 1964
  • Age ~ 52 (looks to be about 17)
  • Species ~ Half-Faerie
  • Sexuality ~ Bisexual
  • Relationship Status ~ Single
  • Residence ~ A small apartment in Manhatten
  • Occupation ~ Making Jewelry
  • Family ~ Ella (Faerie Mother) ~ James (Father, deceased)

Skylar is a head-on, hands on, in your face person. She is in love with all things shiny, and often gets distracted or off task. She can be very determined when she puts her mind to something. Due to her short attention span, she isn't very good when it comes to fighting, but she is good at flirting. She inherited the, 'Faeries can't lie' but she has gotten good at getting what she wants anyways.

  • Weapons ~ Magic and charm
  • Best at ~ flirting
  • Worst at ~ fighting
  • Height ~ 5'2"
  • Weight ~ 123 lbs
  • Eye color ~ brown
  • Hair color ~ changes

Skylar was born in 1964 to her Faerie mother, Ella, and her father James Emry. James and Ella met at a party. James was good looking, and the DJ. Ella had been going to Mundane parties for a while because the music and the energy made her feel more alive than when she was with her own people.

When Ella caught sight of James, she was interested immediately. To her, he looked as gorgeous as a faerie, but with more life and love. After the party she decided to strike up a conversation, to see what he was about. James fell in love with her right away, but Ella played it safe and just talked with him. By the end of the night Ella and James were in his apartment.

Ella hung around for a few months before growing bored with James. She went to Faerie land and gave birth to Skylar. She raised Skylar in Faerie world, hidden away. She occasionally took her to the Mundane world for a few months, but always brought her back home. When Skylar turned 16 as a Mundane (about 30 for being a Faerie it seems), Skylar moved out into the Mundane world.

She lived through part of the '90s, the '00s and is now living in a small apartment in upstate New York. She works for an older warlock making jewelry. It pays her bills and she gets to work on things.


Superhuman physiology: Faeries possess unnatural swiftness and grace, strength and speed. They also have heightened senses, such as the ability to see in complete darkness, smell other things far away, and hear whispers a distance away with perfect clarity. 

Accelerated healing: Faeries heal faster than humans due to their demonic heritage and powerful magic within them.

Magic energy: The fey's magic is believed to be unique in the world. It is very old and powerful, but neither seraphically nor demonically aligned. They can harness the powers of the world's ley lines, together with other strange magics. They possess magic that no one can fully understand, not even the Gray Book, which provides partly and imperfect ways to counter it. 

Psychological manipulation: Faeries often use clever wordplay to their advantage in order to create loopholes. With their cruel sense of humour, they find delight in manipulating humans, both mundanes and Shadowhunters alike. Unlike full faeries, half-faeries can lie, and so they need not to weave lies into their sentences to hide the whole truth.

Longevity: Since the faeries live in a world where time flows slower, they seem to age much slower than the other residents of the Shadow and mundane worlds.

Skylar Emry

Skylar Emry

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