Most ascending mundanes like yourself give up their family name in favor of creating a traditional Shadowhunter name. By tradition, most Shadowhunter names are compound, like "Shadowhunter" itself - in this case "shadow" + "hunter."Jonathan Shadowhunter's last name was, obviously, not actually "Shadowhunter" - such a coincidence would be a beggar's relief.
What Jonathan Shadowhunter was called, before he was made the first Nephilim by Raziel, is lost to history; we do not even know what country he came. He was given the name Shadowhunter by Raziel (often found written as separate or hyphenated words, as in "Shadow-Hunter", earlier in history) as the symbol of his transformation. According to the many tellings of the story, Raziel told Jonathan, "I grant you the light and fire of the angels, to illuminate your way in the dark, for you and your companions will be Hunters of the Shadows.
There is a kind of poetry in the selection of a Shadowhunter family name; combining any two things is not enough. Your name should try to reflect who you are, or where you're from, or who you hope to be. In order to stimulate ideas of your own, we here supply a list of appropriate English words that can be combined to make names. Simply select two of them and put them next to each other. Usually they will sound better in one order then in the other order.

Note: USE YOUR JUDGEMENT. Your name must be approved by those evaluating your petition for Ascension. Do not try to name yourself Dragonrider or Firedance or Elfstar. Nephilim are meant to be inconspicuous. Obviously things like Hammerfist or Bloodsteel should also be avoided.

List of names

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