So what's the point of having characters if you can't roleplay them 'eh?
  • Post the "Word Bubble" once. (This is typically posted in the beginning before the actual RolePlay start)
  • Make sure to bold your character's name before describing their actions. (This is to make life easier when reading over the Roleplay)
  • No characters from the series, movies, or books will come into your Roleplay. Also, only use YOUR OWN CHARACTER. Do not bring in someone else's Character and control them yourself

Type the roleplay into the box and click "Roleplay" to begin.

These are active roleplay's
Roleplay Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Roleplay/Nocturnal NoviceNat2501:08, December 10, 2016Torrun the Neko

Archived Roleplay's
Roleplay Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Archived:Roleplay/Meeting of the InstitutesNat2505:36, December 8, 2016Nat25

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