Times Square


About Times Square
This neighbourhood and major commercial intersection is just one of the most popular in the world. Seen in lots of films, you're sure you've never not heard or saw it before. Just its brightly lit billboards are one you can't ever forget!

With all its billboard and commercial adornment, Times Square is sometimes referred to as the Crossroads of the World and the "heart of the world." And don't just stare at the lights. Visit the stores and buildings there! If you chocolates and candies, go to M&M's World. There is really one. If you're hungry, there's a lot of restaurants to choose, like Planet Hollywood. If you want to go shopping, there is Forever 21, or even a Disney store, if you're in the mood.

This place is really bright and loud, so there is not much danger if you keep yourself within the crowds. Still, be alert for anything. Even crowds can be used as a trap!

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