Model Hunting
If you need help finding a model, please put your full username, and what specifically you are looking for. A user listed below will get back to you as soon as possible. Sign ups can be found at the bottom of the page.
Model Rules
  • All pictures uploaded to this wiki must be pg-13
  • If a user is using a model or has reserved a model, you must ask their permission if you would like to use that model
  • The images chosen shouldn't have copyrights or logos stamped on them. Please be respectful, too, of copyright laws. If an image owner/artist has stated clear and concise rules on that page asking it to not be used by anyone in anyway, show common courtesy and do not use the image. If you are asked to take down a certain picture, and do not, the image in question will be marked for deletion.
  • The models shouldn't be overly recognized by the larger population of the MIRP Wiki. Too popular figures, for example, are not allowed. (Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, Barack Obama, etc.)
  • If a user thinks that a model is too famous to use, a vote can be put up here. Please remember that you must be a Level Three or higher to vote.
  • A user may reserve up to only three images (or models) in their user page for intended future creations. Once a reserved image is already been put to use, then one spot for reserved images is open.
Models In Use

Help please

  • (full username, linked)
    • (description)
  • (full username, linked)
    • (description)
  • (full username, linked)
    • (description)

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