The London Institute Training Room


The Armory
Found in one of the castle's stone hallways, the armory holds all the weapons a Shadowhunter would prefer. The walls are decorated with spears and javelins of different kinds, and the stands and racks are full of any classical weapon imaginable. Only pick the right one for you before you set off to battle.
Before anything else - wars, battles, missions, or even training, you'll need a weapon. With the Institute's flowing weaponry, just choose your weapon of preference and you're off for your Shadowhunter activities!

Sparring room

The Sparring Room

In the attic of the Insitute, the real training room waits. A smaller room with a ceiling held by joists and decorated by a center lantern and a fireplace on one wall opens the entrance to the larger space with tall ceilings and sturdy beams where Shadowhunters train themselves to master the needed skills, like balance and flexibility. An archery and throwing range is also present on one side, and a small rack of swords stay behind.

Now that you have your weapons in hand, it's time for practice! Shadowhunters do need to be fit and strong, and the atmosphere of these rooms will absolutely influence you to do the intended exercises and training. Have fun sparring!

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