The London Institute Residential Wing

Residential hallway

The Residential Hallway
The wing is found on the second floor of the Institute. The spiral staircase from the ground floor will lead you to a classy hallway that holds the doors towards the Shadowhunters' private quarters. Dimly-lit by fancy lamps and candelabra, with the effect of heavy, elegant curtains, just the hallway enough will make anyone feel calm and comfortable, with a mixture of somnolence.
Wards of the great London Institute, please don't forget which rooms are your quarters and that you may not disturb anyone. Stay quiet, and do not break any of the things in here.
The Residential Rooms

Here are the occupied rooms of each ward of the Institute. Each room has been designed in a way preferable to the owner. All that is sure is that the rooms are comfortable and relaxing. Please, if you are to visit someone else's room, remember to knock before you enter. Keep the silence.

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