The London Institute Library

London Library

It was books that made me feel that I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me and I, with them.

–Will Herondale

Found within the glamorous halls of the Institute, the library stands tall and quaint. Its huge shelves holds lots of books that has been stored and kept by the past Shadowhunter wards, may it be from wonderful classical mundane books to the enchanting volumes of the Shadow world's magic. Glass windows let in light that gives a warm and homey feeling to the place. There are carved statues of angels on the walls, watching over the treasures the past Shadowhunters have kept. There are long tables and classy chairs on the other side on the shelves for you to sit on and read.

A good day, Shadowhunters! The library is all about giving you peace and calmness while you read and study all the treasures of words it holds. Relax for a while; Shadowhunter jobs are indeed tiring! The timeless, classic novels are going to soothe your mind.

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