Bleeding Heart Yard

Bleeding heart yard

Welcome, Vampires of London!
The Bleeding Heart Yard is a cobbled courtyard and cul-de-sac off a street in the Farringdon area of London. It gained its name from an old inn sign and the infamous story of a 17th century beauty who was located there. A red informal hub, known as the Bleeding Heart Tavern, will signify you that the little street beside it makes it way to the Yard.Want to know the story of the Yard? There are a lot of versions, but the most famous one would be this:

A grand ball was held at the Hatton house on the 26th of January 1626 (sometimes shown as 1662). Lady Elizabeth Hatton had attracted a lot of eyes in the party as she danced through the night, being both a young and wealthy beauty. Suddenly, a European ambassador (usually Spanish) burst into the room in a fine and elegant figure. He took Lady Hatton in a hold and danced with her. This man was sometimes described as having a slight hunched shoulder and a clawed right hand.

They then danced out of the room and into the gardens. This caused quite a stir among the guests, with gossips running around if the couple would come back after their trip to the garden. But they had the unexpected; the couple didn't come back. The next morning, they found the body of Lady Hatton in a cobbled courtyard behind the stable block of the Hatton house. Her body was ripped apart, torn limb my limb, yet her heart was still pumping blood on the cobblestones. People then thought that the man she was with was the Devil.

The courtyard in which they found the body is now the Bleeding Heart Yard. There is a French restaurant and bistro located there now, and the Bleeding Heart Tavern. Right now, vampires have been managing these informal pubs. Each of the buildings has a secret entrance to the London Vampire Clan's underground hideout. If ever you discover one, don't go in there without anything on you!

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