Lily Fallowen
  • Full name: Lily Fallowen
  • Born: February 14
  • Age: 25
  • Species: Werewolf
  • Residence: Praetor Lupus
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Family: Mom, dad, and three siblings

Lily is kind hearted and quirky. She's the first one there to help anyone, no matter if they were Downworlder, Shadowhunter, or mundane. She can be stubborn when it comes to helping, even if it's to a perfect stranger. A natural born leader, Lily will do whatever it takes to save someone, no matter the opinions of others. Which sometimes can lead to trouble.


Lily favors her brute strength, but will use a bow and arrows.


Lily grew up in a beautiful home on the suburbs of Rochester. Her parents weren't wealthy, but they weren't poor. They were comfortable. She had an older brother, and two younger sisters. They kept the house noisy, and lively. Lily and her siblings were always causing trouble, but their parents loved them dearly.

As she grew up, her parents started fighting a lot. Her father then started drinking, which led to her mother leaving with each of the kids. They moved to a two bedroom apartment, still in Rochester, and lived in, so to speak, the ghetto. They went from nice things, to nasty smelling things. When her brother and Lily were old enough, they got jobs, helping their mother out. (Her mother always stayed kind, and never bad talked her father. This is where she learned to be nice to anyone, and everyone.)

One night, Lily was out late at night. She was working overtime at a Denny's, and had gotten off super late due to a customer. (He had taken his lovely time eating his meal, and drinking his coffee. But Lily didn't mind. In fact they had a nice conversation about the stars.) She used the usual alleyway to make her route shorter to her home. (They didn't have enough money for a car.) When this big, rather wolfish looking dog emerged from the shadows. It bit her before she even had the time to scream.

After running home, and getting it bandaged up, her mother called animal control. She never found out what happened to the wolf. (Later it would be killed by some Shadowhunter since it went rogue.) The next month, while she was home alone (her mother was away on a business tip, her older brother had left home, and her two sisters were at a sleepover), she blacked out. The next morning she woke up in a strange house, with a few scratches on her arm, and face. It was the Praetor Lupus.

When they had told her she was bitten by a werewolf, she was in disbelief. Such things could not be real. But when they explained that she was found, chasing after a pack of kittens, trying to clean them, she believed them. They took her in, and she learned how to control herself, refusing to join a pack.





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