Khloe Foxwood User:DaughterOfTheLostOne

Name: Khloe Foxwood

Species: Nephilim

Age: 20

Appearance: (See picture)


City:New York

Personality: Khloe can be hard headed and stubborn. Yet mostly she is quirky, and likes to run wild whenever she isn't doing her duties. When she cares about someone, she will do all she can to keep them safe; no matter the cost. She is smart, but not cocky because of it. She fights well, and makes sure to ask before assuming, giving everyone a fair chance. Although, sometimes she may do things without thinking them through.

History: Khloe was born into a long line of Shadowhunters. Her mother, and her father taught her everything they knew, while she grew up in Idris. She was always the odd one out at school. Thus she never had the chance to make any friends or a parabatai.

As she grew older, and fought more and more demons and the like, she became more dependent on herself. At age 15 her mother passed away, leaving her and her father to mourn. Taking her mother's death as something to build off of, she used it to better herself.

One time she was in a fight with a rogue werewolf, and during the fight, the bloody wolf managed to nick her on the arm. She had lost her focus, as the werewolf talked about how he knew her mother, and he was glad she had died. From then on, she has had a scar there, and it reminds her never to lose focus like she did then.

When she had turned of age, the Clave asked her to run the New York institute since she had shown adept skills in killing demons, and rogue downworlders quickly and efficently. As well as her knowledge and how she treated everyone. Honored, she accepted, her head held in pride as she thought of her mother. Everything that brought her here, was because of her.

Weapons: Seraph blades that have been shortened slightly to become daggers. Throwing daggers. As well as bow and arrow.

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