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Summer June

Praetor Lupus Head

Okay. So I'd like to, of course, share my proposal about having the head of the Praetor Lupus. I'll be making clear that this isn't like the vampire clans.
The vampire clans's head or leader will be the first created vampires that have claimed to be in New York and London. Right now, I think we already have London vamp clan's head.
For Praetor Lupus, since it is not only for werewolves (but they lead it), I am suggesting that the head should be from the created characters' votes. Praetor Lupus is all about helping new and confused warlocks, werewolves and fledgelings. So, werewolf characters can be chosen as candidate for being the head of this important institute.
Of course there will be basis on how to choose which candidate is the best, but I want to hear your opinions out first before this is, maybe, implemented.

Thank you.
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Summer June
By the way, I am also proposing this for choosing the Consul and Inquisitor.
Works for me *shrugs*
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